Vancouver’s iconic Santa Claus Parade may be cancelled this year

Vancouver’s iconic Santa Claus Parade may be cancelled this year

The not for profit society who organizes the beloved event, is now scrambling after their title sponsor, media giant Rogers (TSX: RCI.B) has decided to pull funding and move away from the iconic Christmas parade, now leaving them with only two weeks to find a corporate sponsor.

“It’s quite possible that the parade will be cancelled this year,” said Jessica Walker, the Vancouver Santa Claus Parade Society president.

The Parade will be a devastating loss to the hundreds of thousands of Vancouverites who have made this an affordable holiday tradition for 13 years.

Patrons of the event won’t be the only ones feeling the loss, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank will take a major hit from the sudden parting of ways. With homelessness on the rise, and and increasing number of families relying on donations from the event, this seems especially disheartening.

“It is going to hurt us because people know and learn about the Greater Vancouver Food Bank at the parade,” said Aart Schuuman, CEO of the food bank. “They see us there and we show what we are doing and not having the ability to be a part of the parade is going to cost us absolutely.”

Although clear how much Rogers is profiting from the Canadian middle class, it appears the company is very disconnected with Canadian values.

Another hit to the Vancouver middle class.

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